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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Our dentists at Mickleham dental are committed to giving you the best smile possible.
A bright smile not only gives you a younger appearance, It is the universal language of kindness.
We live in a world where we are wanting to be the best version of ourselves, And a bright white smile is the best place to start.

Reasons for whitening

Unfortunately over time teeth can become stained and discoloured, due to simple ageing, lifestyle, and certain foods and beverages.
Teeth whitening treatments are great for special events, or simply to rejuvenate your teeth for a younger looking appearance. And simply being able to smile with confidence.

Our experienced cosmetic dentists offer a variety of whitening treatments
We provide at home application whitening products Pola day, and Pola luminate whitening pen.
This technique is considered the gold standard in teeth whitening, It is safe with minimal sensitivity with great lasting results, unlike laser whitening options which have the potential to create greater sensitivity, and post application pain due to dehydration of the teeth.
Our products contain fluoride releasing properties, which is essential for healthy teeth.

Mickleham Dental offers a quick and easy professionally tooth whitening system, at affordable prices.
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The Procedure:

At home whitening is more affordable and allows you to control the degree of whitening. We use Pola Day, with custom trays which allows you to re-use the trays to repeat the process if the effects wear off over time.

You routinely
Apply the whitening gel to your teeth until you have achieved the desired result, which is generally 14 days.
We take
A mould of your teeth – and make custom trays, which are made on premise and can be collected same day.
We also offer in chair whitening, where our dentists lighten the teeth 1-2 shades in the chair, followed by custom trays, and gel to do at home.
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