Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal

Root Canal Therapy available at Mickleham Dental Tullamarine, Melbourne

Our Dentists are Mickleham Dental always believe in saving your teeth where possible. So, when a tooth becomes inflamed and infected, root canal therapy is how we treat and save the infected tooth, if possible.

So, what is Root Canal Therapy and how does it save a tooth?

Root Canal Therapy (RCT) is a form of Endodontic Dentistry, and is the removal process of a tooth’s infected pulp, which consists of sensitive nerves and blood vessels and is a relatively straight forward procedure.

Common causes for infected or damaged pulp in teeth are:

Which often result, in a dull or sever and throbbing toothache or swelling of the gums surrounding the infected tooth.

Small holes are created on the biting surface of the tooth, giving access to the canals covering the nerves and Blood Vessels. Once the infected, damaged, or dead pulp has been removed, the canals are thoroughly cleaned and irrigated with an antibacterial solution and are then filled with a material that seals them, preventing any further infection. This treatment takes between one to three sessions over a few weeks to complete.

After the Root Canal Therapy is completed, the tooth is then Crowned, for durability and protection.

How much can I expect to pay for Root Canal Therapy?

At Mickleham Dental, our Root Canal Therapy costs can range from $1200 for an anterior (front tooth) up to $1600 for a Posterior (Back Molar Tooth). pricing is only an estimate range and we advise having a consultation with one of our highly trained Dentists for a more accurate pricing.

Payment plans are available for Root Canal Therapy and large Dental work required. Please click here to see out available payment plan options.