Dental Nightguards


Dental Nightguards available at Mickleham Dental, Tullamarine


Treat Clenching and Griding of your teeth with a Dental Nightguard, otherwise known as an occlusal splint

Many people suffer from Bruxism, or in general terms, Teeth Grinding. Some also clench their jaws during the day or during sleep, but are completely unaware of it. If you often wake up with facial or jaw pain, suffer from frequent headaches or have worn down teeth, you may need one of those people.

What is a Dental Nightguard/Occlusal Splint?

A Dental Nightguard or Occlusal Splint is a Custom-Made clear appliance, which fits snugly over either the upper or lower teeth, which is worn at night to prevent the upper and lower arches from coming into contact with one another.

How do I know if I need a Dental Night Guard?

There are a few tell tale signs you may notice, that could indicate you may need a Dental Nightguard: