Dental Sedation

Dental Sedation

Anxious or Nervous?

Are you the type of patient that avoids the avoids visiting the dentist? Are you someone who suffers from dental anxiety and does sitting in the chair terrify you? Here at Mickleham Dental we understand that many of our patients struggle with profound anxiety and insecurities surrounding dental appointments.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation Dentistry is the technique of administration of sedatives, in the form of either oral, inhalable, or intravenous, which puts you into a calm and restful state, all while you remain conscious.

Types Of Dental Sedation Options Available

Oral sedation is typically in the form of a tablet and is taken around 40 minutes to one hour prior to your treatment commencing. Although oral sedatives tend to make you drowsy, you will still be awake during your treatment and you will be able to responded to the dentists’ requests and communicate when needed.

You are not allowed to drive after receiving oral sedation however and you will require someone to drive you home.

Local anaesthetic is used to make the specific area of your mouth that is being treated to be temporarily unable to feel pain. This is typically used during procedures such as fillings, root canals, crown and sometimes periodontal cleaning.

Local anaesthetic often wears off between 2 – 4 hours after treatment has finished and you do not require anyone to drive you home.

Nitrous Oxide Gas, is a form of sedation dentistry otherwise known as happy gas or the laughing gas. A mask with a combined flow of nitrous oxide and oxygen is placed over your nose, through which you will breathe in this colourless, odourless gas., which is fully controlled by the dentist. Usually within minutes patients feel a wave of euphoria, suppressing their dental anxiety, allowing painless treatment.

After the treatment, once the flow of gas is completely stopped, it wears off quickly allowing yourself to be able drive home after the procedure.

Coming soon to Mickleham Dental is intravenous (IV) sedation (sometimes known as ‘twilight sedation’ or ‘sleep dentistry’), this method is administered through the vein and works very quickly, making you feel drowsy and relaxed.

You are not allowed to drive after receiving IV sedation and you will require someone to drive you home.