Dentures available at Mickleham Dental, Tullamarine Melbourne


What are Dentures?

Dentures are a common solution to replace missing teeth. Dentures are a removable appliance and are made using either acrylic or cobalt chrome to which false teeth are added, and matched to the colour of your natural teeth. Dentures help with speech, chewing, function and will add support to your chin and lips as well as improving the appearance of your smile.

There are two types of Dentures:

Your Dentist at Mickleham Dental will assess your needs and thoroughly examine your mouth for suitability of Dentures.

Usually, between 2 and 4 appointments will necessary to complete your Dentures, as they are fabricated in stages. This process is the Same, whether you are having a full or partial Denture fabricated.


When you have your new Dentures

It will take a while getting used to your new Dentures, time and patience is needed because they can feel uncomfortable or awkward at first. Dentures may affect your speech and eating for a few days, whilst your tongue and the muscles in your cheeks get used to holding the Dentures in place.

Dentures may cause soreness and/or irritation within the first 24 hours, if this persists, please contact us at the clinic as the Dentures may need some slight adjustments, which can often be done at the clinic.


How Often Should I Clean My Dentures?

Keeping your Dentures clean at all times is important, we want you to treat them as you would your natural teeth, so keep them as clean as possible. We recommend to rinse them after meals where possible and brush them thoroughly once a day using a non-abrasive denture cleaner (not toothpaste) and soak them overnight while you sleep in a denture cleaning solution, as this will help remove any stubborn stains and will help to disinfect the Dentures, while allowing your gums to ‘rest’, as this will keep them healthy. If your dentures form stains that you cannot get rid of, ask us to clean them professionally at your next appointment.