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Sleep Apnoea

Sleep Apnoea

Snoring and Sleep Apnoea can have a devastating effect on your health, work and relationships.

At Mickleham Dental we offer SomnoDent sleep device for those that are suitable.

SomnoDent – Sleep Apnoea appliance!

How do you know you have sleep apnoea?

Excessive snoring

Partner notices that you stop breathing

Choking sensation during sleep

Frequent visits to the bathroom during the night

Daytime tiredness

Lack of energy

Poor concentration/memory

Falling asleep during the day

How does SomnoDent help?

A SomnoDent device gently adjusts the jaw forward, which in turn opens your airway to help breathe easily and sleep restfully.

Why you need a custom made device fitted by a dentist?

Comfort and retention are critical treatment for success. People come in all shapes and sizes and have different mouths and jaw shapes so you should have a device made just for you.

What will happen at my appointment?

• Review the history of your sleep condition
• Complete a thorough examination of your mouth
• Take dental impressions – models of your teeth and mouth that will be sent to Somnomed laboratory based here in Australia.
• Take a bite registration to determine how far forward to move your jaw.
• Follow up visits to ensure comfort and appropriate forward adjustment

Affordable, Safe, Proven!