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Dental Fillings & Restorations

What is a filling?

Restorations are a solution to fill a cavity or hole in the tooth, which may be the result of trauma from grinding or decay.
Re-building worn, chipped or decayed teeth is important to maintain optical oral health, as well as preventing further wear and tear.
The material used for fillings can either be composite (white) filling or amalgam (silver).


The tooth / Teeth will be prepared for the filling material to adhere effectively.
Application of the filling material is applied on in layers, then cured with an LED light.
Your dentist will check the contact of the filling, making sure it is comfortable. They will recreate the natural shape and colour of the tooth.
Our dentists are offer skilled hands, more importantly no will be able to see that you have had a tooth filled

Here at Mickleham Dental we only use top- quality filling material to achieve a long lasting result.
Thanks to advancements in dentistry, our patients can now have either a new filling or replacement of an old amalgam filling, with a white composite filling material that matches the natural colour of their teeth. Our patients are aesthetically pleased with the results of a more natural smile, and can also trust in the strength and permanency of composite fillings.
Our aim is to give you the best smile possible.
Treatment with composite fillings can also be used for cosmetically enhancing the teeth, through lengthening and widening, this procedure is called composite veneers, Whist relatively strong and long lasting, restorations cannot achieve the same result or strength of a crown. Your dentist will discuss the best possible treatment for you.

Post Treatment

After having a treatment for a filling your tooth may feel sensitive for a few days.
This is completely normal.

Will It Hurt?

The answer is No. Mickleham Dental offer the strongest and most effective numbing gel prior to an injection. Our dentists are experienced in a gentle technique whist administrating anaesthetic, therefore making the whole experience pain free, and comfortable. Once the area has been numbed, no pain is felt. Whilst you may feel some pressure, the experience itself will not be painful.

Mickleham Dental 
The state of the art dental chair. So be sure to ask for the massage feature on, Perhaps you would like to sit back and enjoy Netflix, or perhaps some music.
We also offer
Noise cancelling headphones. Here at Mickleham Dental our team will make sure you have a great experience.