Dental Fillings & Restorations

Dental Fillings & Restorations
Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings And Restorations In Tullamarine, Melbourne

Are You Experiencing Slight Pain Or Sensitivity When Chewing Foods Or Even Brushing Your Teeth? Or Have You Noticed A Chip Or Hole In Your Tooth? This May Be An Indication You Need A Dental Filling To Restore Your Tooth And Prevent Any Further Damage From Occurring!
Tooth Decay And Cracked Or Chipped Teeth That Are Left Untreated Can Lead To Further Damage Within Your Mouth. At Mickleham Dental We Believe In Early Prevention And Treating Teeth Decay In Its Easy Stages. However, If Left Untreated And If Tooth Decay Spreads To Your To Tooth’s Nerves, You Might Start To Experience Significate Pain And Discomfort And You May Require Further Complex Treatment Such As Root Canal Therapy.


What Are The Signs I May Need A Dental Filling?

Sometimes Tooth Decay Is Not Always Easy To Spot And Sometimes Only Becomes Symptomatic Once It Has Progressed. Often Not Visible To The Naked Eye, The Best Way To Diagnose Early Decay Present Between Or Under The Tooth Surface Is With A Dental X-Ray, Taken By Your Treating Dentist.

We Sometimes Often Ignore The Early Warning Signs Of Needing A Dental Filling, But If You Are Experiencing Any Of The Below Symptoms You Should See Your Dentist As Soon As Possible:

  • Sharp Pains Around The Teeth
  • Toothache
  • Tooth Sensitivity When Eating Or Drinking Hot/Cold Or Sweet Foods Or When Brushing Your Teeth
  • Darkening Of An Area Of Your Tooth
  • A Hole In Your Tooth
  • Swelling Around The Gums

So, What Can I Expect When I Need A Dental Filling?

When Booking An Appointment With The Team At Mickleham Dental, You Can Expect Exceptional Dental Care. Our Aim Is To Create A Comfortable, Calming Environment Where Patients Are Relaxed And At Ease During Their Procedures.

Fillings Are Part Of Something We Call Routine Dentistry And Are A Quick And Painless Procedure.

At Your Filling’s Appointment With Mickleham Dental, Your Dentist Will Ensure You Are Comfortable And Numb Before Performing Any Of The Procedure. Your Dentist Will Then Remove Any Decay From The Tooth And Clean The Area. Once The Area Is Clean And Dry Your Dentist Will Use A Tooth-Coloured Material Known As Composite To Restore Your Tooth. This Material Bonds Into The Existing Tooth Structure And Blends Seamlessly With The Colour Of Your Natural Tooth, Making It Invisible To The Naked Eye. After Making Any Necessary Adjustments To The Filling, It I Then Polished For A Smooth Finish, Just Like Your Natural Tooth.